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High Density 2" Diameter Polypropylene Washer
Meets and/or Exceeds all EIFS Specifications


Screws Wood / Metal
Tapcon Masonry Screws
Zinc Coated Metal Screws
All Sizes – 1,000 per Case
1.5/8", 2.0", 2.5", 3.5", 4.0", 4.5"


EIFS washers

Clima-coated EIFS fastners

Grip Plate Tab Washers

1.25 diameter galvanized steel washer for securing 20ga wire and foam to various substrates.
1.25 diameter flat galvanized steel washers for securing lathe and mesh to various substrates.

Legless washers

Masonry & Block Fasteners

The wind can sometimes make it hard for you to do your construction work. To help keep building materials in place, we recommend using our masonry fasteners in Tyler, TX. A quick economical way to fasten insulation to concrete and hollow concrete block. Large 2.3/8" diameter head secures insulation and prevents wind blow off. Savings of 33% compared to attaching with masonry screws/washers.

Standard Sizes
2.0" 250 per Box
2.34" 250 per Box
3.5" 250 per Box
4.5" 250 per Box
5.0" 250 per Box

Masonry and block fasteners