Flashing Tape


WindowWrap™ effectively stops water leaks around windows and doors while reducing outdoor noise and air infiltration. The aggressive adhesive securely bonds the window flange to the exterior wall, and the rubberized asphalt self-seals around nails and staples. Designed for the professional homebuilder – where construction delays are common – the tough, durable, aluminized surface of WindowWrap™ in unaffected by UV exposure for a minimum of 6 months after being applied to the window!

Flashing tape

Cold temperature tape

Cold Temp

WindowWrap™ PowerBond is a leading edge self-adhering, self-sealing waterproofing tape designed for use around windows, doors, building seams and general construction. It is composed of a silver polymer film that is coated with aggressive PowerBond Adhesion Technology. A release paper protects the adhesive and is removed as the tape is installed.

The PowerBond Adhesive self-seals around punctures such as nails and staples. This advanced system bonds to all common building and window materials and seals around fasteners to prevent damage caused by water penetration.

Flash tape being applied

EIFS Seal & Coat

Seal & Coat EIFS is designed to be used as a waterproofing tape around windows, doors, panel seams and other openings. The rubberized adhesive will self-seal around mechanical fasteners. Seal & Coat EIFS is intended to be covered either by stucco or a similar coating, or by siding or trim.

Standard Sizes:
4.0" x 100' 9 Rolls per Case
6.0" x 100' 6 Rolls per Case
9.0" x 100' 4 Rolls per Case
12.0" x 100' 3 Rolls per Case

Roll of flashing tape