Plastic Sheeting

Plastic Sheeting / Hood Cleaning Film

Polyethylene Film, sold in many areas of the country as Polyfilm, Plastic Sheeting, Visqueen, Hood Cleaners Film, and Construction Film available in many sizes and thicknesses. Used throughout the painting, hood cleaning, asbestos removal, and construction industry, just to mention a few to cover and protect the surrounding work area. Available in one pallet quantities and lift gate delivery.

Plastic sheeting

Reinforced Poly Film

Building Enclosure Film

Strong 6 MIL
Reinforced Polyethylene Film
Standard sizes:
20' X 100' 12 Rolls per Pallet
40' X 100' 12 Rolls per Pallet

Reinforced Poly Film

Reinforced poly film

Reinforced poly film roll


Splicing Tape

Clear Strong 7 MIL Polyethylene
Coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive
Designed to patch & splice polyethylene film together
Standard sizes:
2" X 108' – 24 Rolls per Case
3" X 108' – 16 Rolls per Case

Poly tape